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Brand: Ethereal From: Monterrey, NL

Quartz in which it is inspired: Turquoise

Description: Pre-intentioned candle and dipped in turquoise elixir.

It is considered a protective, healing stone. It has the quality of helping us connect with the physical and spiritual world by enhancing our intuition . Turquoise has a very special connection with the universe and the earth, since ancient times it was used by ancient civilizations to connect with the gods.
Its energy helps us to connect with feelings of calm, tranquility and peace.

Color: Turquoise


  • a large stone spiritual connection
  • inspire creativity, love and calm
  • stone of healing, work with our meridians
  • It represents balance, wisdom, truth.

MINI Duration: 10-15 hours

MEDIUM Duration: 20-25 hours

*Includes ritual to intention for your candle. As it is a handmade process, the tones may vary.

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