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Brand: Ethereal From: Monterrey, NL

Quartz in which it is inspired: Malachite

Description: Pre-intentioned candle and dipped in elixir of Malachite.

Malachite is considered the stone of security and energy amplification, it absorbs the negative energies of the body. Ideal for when we know that we have to make some change in our lives but we need that push or strength to do it. It is also a stone that helps us connect with our intuition.
It helps us to bring into our lives the energy of fame, abundance and prosperity.

Color: Green

Properties :

  • It is a well-known stone because it helps to obtain everything you want in the universe.
  • On a mental level, malachite goes directly to the center of your problems so that you are able to manage them.
  • clean and active your chakras.
  • power the intuition, understanding and stimulates Dreams.

MINI Duration: 10-15 hours

MEDIUM Duration: 20-25 hours

*Includes ritual to intention for your candle. As it is a handmade process, the tones may vary.

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