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Brand: Ethereal From: Monterrey, NL

Quartz in which it is inspired: Garnet

Description: Pre-intentioned candle and bathed in Garnet elixir.

Garnet is considered an energizing and regenerative stone. Among its spiritual benefits it is known to revitalize, purify and balance energy. It also helps us connect with the energy of love , courage and hope , it is considered a lucky stone to attract love.
It is a stone closely connected to the kundalini energy, which is creative, liberating and transforming , it also helps us awaken passion and sexual energy.

Colour: Cherry red

Scent: Lavender with honey

-It works as an extractor of negative energies from the chakras , transforming them into positive energies.
-Provides calm and protection to the body.
-Helps stimulate passion, inspiration and creativity.
-Brings balance, love and serenity in couples and families.
-It is also known as the stone of courage.

*Includes ritual to intention for your candle. As it is a handmade process, the tones may vary.

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