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Brand: Tenth Muse.

Kit of palo santo, quartz and incense.

Instructions to smudge:

Where your attention is, there is your intention.

1. Light a candle and with it light your palo santo. Shake it to turn it off.

2. It will begin to release smoke that you will use in a clockwise direction, passing it first over your head, body and later in the spaces of your home. You can support it on your quartz until it stops smoking.

Palo Santo Properties: Helps balance energy and reduces stress thanks to its physical and spiritual cleansing properties. Its aroma helps to emphasize moments of meditation and fulfills antiseptic and antidepressant functions. Ideal to use when you have moved, you have just received an unpleasant visit, when you feel heavy or during meditation.

YOUR MAGIC POWDER: This set of aromatic herbs is intended for you to sprinkle a little on yourself or the ground before going out to an important event.

Coconut incense (opens paths).

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