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Brand: Ethereal From: Monterrey, NL

Quartz in which it is inspired: Rainbow Fluorite

Description: Pre-intentioned candle and dipped in elixir of Rainbow Fluorite .

Rainbow Fluorite is a crystal that helps us accommodate everything that needs order in us . It is known as the stone of mental order, clarity and creativity.
Promotes learning and concentration, making it ideal for students .
It is a crystal that stimulates the creation of ideas and our imagination. Being a very mental stone, it also helps us calm thoughts and better organize our ideas.

On the spiritual plane it is a great stone to help us integrate etheric energies and reorganize the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Color: Purple with blue and turquoise.


  • Help to provide structure to our lives
  • Excellent for cleaning our aura
  • It is considered a stone protection that helps us distinguish right from wrong
  • His energy of order and purification helps us dispel fears, anxiety, doubts, stress and negativity
  • power our intuition

MINI Duration: 10-15 hours

MEDIUM Duration: 20-25 hours

*Includes ritual to intention for your candle. As it is a handmade process, the tones may vary.

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